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Drive Models

Surface Drive

This is the outboard we have been looking for in Alaska! Good speed, superbfuel economy, unparalleled reliability and extremely shallow operation. It will run the big rivers AND take you back in the muck and weeds where the ducks, moose, bear, and fish live.

Bush tough, this outboard is built for Alaskan waters. Stingy on fuel, speed and reliable, this motor is made for extreme water conditions and shallow running. Hunters and fisherman, here is the motor that will get you into the back waters, the shallows, across the big waters and home again.

The new GO-DEVIL ® Surface Drive Engine is packed with features that are engineered to provide our customers the maximum performance and durability through the thickest muck and the nastiest environments known to man.

"The new GO-DEVIL® Surface Drive has been specifically developed to meet the increasing demand for speed without sacrificing the dependability and reputation that we have earned and have branded into our company name, GO-DEVIL®."

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Long Tail

According to Warren Coco, owner of GO-DEVIL® Manufacturers of Louisiana, Inc., "We've taken our 31 years of hands-on knowledge and experience in manufacturing the revolutionary GO-DEVIL® Long Tail engine, mixed with the latest in manufacturing technologies and engineering design, and created the most powerful and best performing surface drive this industry has ever seen."

Coco added, "This new engine will be a great asset to our industry, customer base, and business. It will cater to those customers who are interested in additional performance over open water and shallow mud flat environments." Silt, brush, rocks, nothing stops a GO-DEVIL. Its reputation for unparalleled dependability and service has put a GO-DEVIL in every state and province of North America.

Alaskan hunters, fishermen and prospectors are gaining access to areas that no other marine engine can go and doing it in the most hostile conditions with total confidence. This confidence comes from 3 decades of research and testing in vegetation, brush, silt, mud, gravel and rocks of rivers, lakes and swamps throughout North America. It's been called the "Four-Wheel Drive" of marine engines.

The GO-DEVIL is built with hand welded frames to the most critical tolerances. The engine is mounted on a free floating system, whenever you hit a rock or log the prop raises out of the water with no damage. It has direct drive with no reverse and no shear pin. Neutral is acquired by lifting the prop out of the water and since it is a governed engine this can be done at any speed.

The Briggs and Stratton, Kohler and Honda engines are air cooled. There is no water pump to get clogged or fail and you won't believe the fuel economy produced by these 4-stroke, overhead valve engines.

For a free demonstration call now! (907) 227-4261



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