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Frequently Asked Questions

Call Today: 1-907-688-6948 or 1-907-227-4261

Why should I buy a Go-Devil?
31 years ago we revolutionized the shallow water marine industry and we continue to be the industry leader. The benefit of 31 years of experience accompanies each product that leaves our shop. It is that experience that allows us to continue to produce the best products available to outdoorsmen, and that experience that gives us the ability to care for you with customer service that is second to none! Don't settle for anything less than the best..the Original..Go-Devil. See the WHY GO-DEVIL section.

How shallow of water will a Go-Devil run in?
A Go-Devil needs about 9 to 10 inches of soft bottom (water, mud, vegetation) to start from a standstill. That can be 1 inch of water and 8 inches of mud, etc. Once the boat is up and running on plane, it will be able to run in about 1/4" inch of water in soft mud or 5 inches on a hard bottom.

Can you run a Go-Devil on a regular jon boat?
Yes, Go-Devils are designed to clamp on to the transom of boats like a regular tiller outboard motor. Go-Devils do not require through bolts, preventing you from drilling holes in your transom. Go-Devils are designed to run on boats with 15-17 inch high transoms. The ideal transom height for running a Go-Devil is 16 inches.

I have an older Go-Devil. Can I put a new seal system or a swivel bracket on my older Go-Devil?
Yes. At Go-Devil, all of our improvements are designed to fit on all of our previous models. We will continue to do this, allowing you to keep your Go-Devil equipped with the current features no matter how long you have owned your engine.

Why should I buy a Go-Devil boat?
Although you can run your Go-Devil on a regular jon boat, you will get better performance on a Go-Devil Boat. Our boats are designed to be used with Go-Devil engines. They are all welded, .125" aluminum and are built to withstand the environments that Go-Devil engines are designed run in. The slick bottom and round chine design allow to the boat to slide through mud and over logs and stumps. The Go-Devil Boat has the longest running bottom of any boat in its class allowing it to plane faster and perform better with the Go-Devil engine than any other boat..

Why don't you sell a hunting or fishing boat with no flotation?
According United States Code 46 (33 CFR Part 183), boats manufactured for recreational use must be manufactured to pass the flotation and stability tests prescribed in the code. A recreational boat must float when completely swamped with water and filled to loaded capacity.

If we were to knowingly manufacture a commercially rated boat for people to use recreationally, we would be in violation of 46 U.S.C 4307 which states:

"A person may not manufacture, construct, assemble, sell or offer for sale, introduce or deliver for introduction into interstate commerce, or import into United States, a recreational vessel, associated equipment, or component of the vessel or equipment unless it conforms with this chapter."

A person violating section 4307 of this title is liable to the United States Government for a civil penalty of not more than $2,000, except that the maximum civil penalty may be not more than $100,000 for a related series of violations. (46 U.S.C. 4311)

*** See the code at **

How long have Go-Devils been around?
We patented and pioneered the shallow water marine drive in 1977 with the introduction of the Go-Devil. Since that time, we have continually improved the original design in order to provide you with the toughest, most proven and most practical shallow water option.

Why does the new Seal System have a bearing at the top of the shaft and a bushing at the bottom of the shaft?
The bearing at the top of the shaft allows for more precise alignment of the shaft. Due to the fact that the bottom housing will be submerged in water, the Go-Devil is equipped with a bronze bushing. Over the past 31 years, the bronze bushing has proven to be the toughest and most reliable solution for the lower housing while not sacrificing speed and performance. What happens when water gets into a bearing on a trailer wheel?? – You find yourself on the side of the road!!! That is exactly what would happen to a bearing in the lower unit. Should the bottom seals ever fail, the bronze bushing will allow you to make it home!!

Are Go-Devil engines loud?
Go-Devils are built using air cooled, 4cycle, industrial engines. Therefore they are no louder than a typical riding lawnmower. The engines are equipped with a larger muffler to further lower the noise. A typical engine runs at 85 decibels.

Can I run a Go-Devil on a boat with a higher transom?
Yes. We offer a High Transom model Go-Devil for use on 20 inch transoms. The high transom model has the same length shaft as a standard Go-Devil allowing it to steer with the ease of a standard Go-Devil.


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